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Supercharge your products with the power of LLMs like ChatGPT & go from prototype to production in less than a week.

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Our API handles all your LLM infra needs so you can focus on what you do best

Ingestion and Embedding Storage

Pinecone? Postgres? What are those? With Berri, don't stress about data ingestion, embeddings and vector DBs

Model-Agnostic Querying

Not only does Berri handle querying your database, but we support most major LLM providers including OpenAI, Google, Open Source, Anthropic*


Improve your results through index and model-finetuning, made sweet and simple through Berri


Use our playground to test results across your instances, and deploy easily once you're satisfied

Build your app with Berri today!

Create your own Berri instance to chat with for free

Simple Pricing

Start for free and scale with the Pro and Enterprise plans.

With Berri, you can focus on your product instead of fees.


For individuals and prototyping!


10K queries/month

Up to 10 Instances

90 Day Instance Retention

Index Finetuning

Discord Community Support


Ready to scale?

Security, compliance, and all your custom enterprise needs

Includes a 2 week free trial and money back guarantee!

Everything in Pro +

Unlimited Instances

Unlimited Instance Retention

Dedicated Servers Availability

Ability to Self-Host

Dedicated 1:1 Support

Security and Compliance Guarantees

Model Finetuning

Session Logging

How Can We Help You?

Hosteeva increased automated ticket coverage by 35% reducing Customer Support costs

By creating a finetuned Berri chatbot for each property on their website, allowing customers to get detailed answers without calling support

Wellness XYZ reduced latency by 86%

And a whole lot of complexity by switching to Berri to manage their end-to-end LLM app flows - from ingesting data to finetuning to logging

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And notable Angels like Amjad Masad (Founder, Replit)

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